Solar Pool Blankets

Reduce evaporation by up to 97% and keep your pool warmer for longer.


Solar Pool Covers in Bacchus Marsh

Solar pool blankets are an innovative, cost-effective and energy-saving pool heating solution. Not only can covers reduce evaporation and retain heat, keeping your pool warmer for longer, but they can also add warmth to your pool by trapping heat. They can be fitted to pools of all shapes and sizes, with different styles to select from.

We work with homeowners from across Melbourne, particularly in the Western Suburbs such as Caroline Springs, Kurunjang, Lara, Maddingley, Melton, Tarneit, Geelong, Ballarat & Werribee.

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Why Use a Pool Blanket?

Pool covers are common and recommended due to their low maintenance requirements and efficiency. Here are some of the reasons why homes across Melbourne and Australia use a pool blanket.

Adds Heat

Solar pool covers trap heat and transfer it to your pool, thereby increasing the water temperature. They can work alone or in conjunction with another heating method, depending on your pool’s size and heating needs.

Keeps Heat In

Solar pool covers can increase heat retention by up to 75%. This is because most heat loss is due to evaporation and a pool blanket minimises evaporation. In fact, the average pool loses between 35,000 and 75,000 litres per year due to evaporation.

Saves on Heating Costs

With enhanced heat retention from a pool cover, you can cut back on additional heating costs from heat pumps or gas heating. A pool cover is an investment that saves you money. It also has no ongoing costs.

Prevents Chemical Loss

A pool cover can prevent chemical reduction by up to 60%, saving you the time, money and the hassle of purchasing and adding chemicals to your pool.

Prevents Algae and Debris

A pool cover can keep your pool cleaner by preventing algae and debris from entering the water. This will also reduce your maintenance time.

Customised to Suit Your Pool

Pool blankets can be customised to suit the size and shape of your pool. Whether it is an odd shape, abnormally large or has a feature like a negative edge, we can find a solution to suit your pool.
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Western Pool Heating Solar Pool Covers

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Types of Solar Pool Cover

We offer traditional pool covers and rollers systems. Solar pool covers have a flat side and a side that looks like giant bubble wrap. The bubbles are where the heat is trapped. A roller system makes it simple to remove or apply your pool cover and provides a clean, compact location to store your blanket.

Why Choose Western Pool Heating?

We install innovative, efficient and affordable heating solutions designed to suit your pool and your lifestyle. Our team are OH&S trained and are committed to providing a professional and honest service. We are based in Bacchus Marsh and work with clients across the Western suburbs of Melbourne. For a pool cover quote, contact our team.

FAQs About Solar Pool Blankets

Your frequently asked questions are answered here:
How long will my pool cover last?
A pool cover typically lasts between three to seven years.
How much water can the cover save?
Pool covers can save between 90 and 97% evaporation, which translates to approximately 3,000 litres per month for an average-sized pool.
What side faces the water?
The ‘bubbles’ side faces the water. The flat side should be facing up. When we install your cover, we will show you how to use it and look after it.
How much does it cost to install a solar pool blanket?
Pricing ranges depending on the size and style of your blanket. You can get a quote from our team to determine the exact costs.

Solar Pool Heating Repairs in Bacchus Marsh

To learn more about pool covers or to get a quote, contact the Western Pool Heating team today! We are based in Bacchus Marsh and proudly work with clients across the Western suburbs of Melbourne.