Electric Pool Heat Pumps

A cost-effective, reliable and efficient way to heat your pool.


Electric Pool Heating in Bacchus Marsh

Electric pool heaters, also known as heat pumps, are among the most popular ways to heat a pool. You have invested time, money and energy into constructing and maintaining your pool, and cool temperatures shouldn’t stop you from enjoying it! An electric heat pump can provide the temperature boost you need to extend your pool season from Summer only to six to nine months of the year.

The Western Pool Heating team can install and repair electric heat pumps in small and large domestic pools. We work with homeowners from across Melbourne, particularly in the Western Suburbs such as Caroline Springs, Kurunjang, Lara, Maddingley, Melton, Tarneit, Ballarat, Geelong & Werribee.

Why Choose Electric Pool Heating?

Electric pool heaters are a reliable, cost-effective and efficient pool heating method. Here are some of the reasons why an electric pool pump could suit your pool.

Not Reliant on Weather

Unlike solar pool heating systems, heat pumps do not rely on the weather conditions to heat your pool. Instead, they use electricity to heat water and increase the temperature of your pool.

Excellent Heating Power

Electric heat pumps have high-performance heating power and can quickly and efficiently heat small or large bodies of water.

Few Problems

Our clients experience very few problems with electric heat pumps. They are a reliable heating system; however, their life span is not as long as solar pool heating systems.

Affordable Running Costs

Electric heaters are very cost-efficient. They do not need to be run for a long time, and many homes can use electricity from solar panels to power them. You can also reduce costs further by installing a pool blanket to retain heat.

Low Maintenance

Electric heat pumps are low maintenance and easy to use. The sophisticated digital controls give you the power to decide your ideal water temperature and change the settings to suit your lifestyle.

Electric pool heating Caroline Springs
Electric Pool Heating Kurunjang

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Electric Pool Heating Repairs

In addition to installing electric pool heating systems, our team can also assist with maintenance and repairs. If your system is damaged, a simple repair job may be all that’s needed to return the system to working condition. This will save you the time, stress and money of a complete system replacement.

Why Choose Western Pool Heating?

We install innovative, efficient and affordable heating solutions designed to suit your pool and your lifestyle. Our team are OH&S trained and are committed to providing a professional and honest service. We are based in Bacchus Marsh and work with clients across the Western suburbs of Melbourne. For a quote or to learn more, contact our team.

FAQs About Electric Pool Pumps

Your frequently asked questions are answered here:
What is the lifespan of an electric pool pump?
Approximately 7 to 10 years. If your heat pump is older than that, it may be time to upgrade for safety and performance improvements.
How much does electric pool heating cost to install?
Electric pool pumps are customised to suit your home and pool. Therefore, pricing ranges depending on the size of your system. You can get a quote from our team to find out the costs
How long does it take for an electric heat pump to heat my pool?
Pool pumps are highly efficient and can heat a pool in 12 to 48 hours, depending on your pool’s size.

Install an Electric Pool Heating Pump

To learn more about electric pool heating or to get a quote for a system at your home, contact the Western Pool Heating team today! We are based in Bacchus Marsh and proudly work with clients across the Western suburbs of Melbourne.